MSO User Guide: Reference Section

About the Reference Section

The material we've seen so far can be read sequentially to learn how to perform the tasks described. This section marks a shift to a more reference-oriented approach. The material here consists of a collection of topics that are mostly independent of one another.

Dialog Box and Property Page Reference Information

Although reference information for dialog boxes and property pages can be found by reading through the web-based documentation in the topics that follow, the easiest way to obtain it is from within MSO itself. If you have questions about a particular dialog box or property page that you're currently using within MSO, then if that dialog has a Help button, you can press it or the F1 key to launch MSO's .CHM help file and bring up the help topic specific to the dialog you're working with. You should never get a generic help topic when you invoke the help in this way from a dialog having a Help button. The topics shown in the .CHM help file are exactly identical to the reference material provided here.

Other Help Topics

Not all the topics in this section are dialog reference material. Some, such as the Tips and Tricks section, the FAQ and others have useful information, but aren't part of the description of a procedure. It's probably worth browsing this content for topics you may have questions about.