Multi-Sub Optimizer Reference Manual (page 28)

Multi-Sub Optimizer FAQ

So far, this FAQ only contains one question, but it's by far the most commonly asked one, and the number of possible answers is quite large. Unfortunately, the problem of mismatch between MSO's calculated results and the final measured results is one that's very difficult to solve in a forum Q&A setting. To accurately and efficiently track the problem down would require being physically present during the whole process.

Why Doesn't My Final Measured Data Agree With MSO's Predictions?

This problem is usually measurement-related. If you're not getting reliable measurements, MSO's calculated results will not correspond to final measured results either. If this is indeed the case, then the problem of getting unreliable REW measurements needs to be solved.

See this post and this one for the kind of accuracy (calculated vs. measured) that can be achieved.

Some causes of this problem in the past have been:

This FAQ will be updates from time to time as more possibilities come to mind and more user experience is incorporated.