Multi-Sub Optimizer Tutorial (page 1)

About the Tutorial Process

Although MSO can be used for several different types of tasks, this tutorial will be concerned only with optimizing subs and their integration with one another, not with integrating subs and main speakers.

When working with MSO, you create an MSO project. An MSO project consists of a collection of MSO configurations. Each configuration can be thought of as an experiment or scenario, allowing you to evaluate a set of conditions in software. MSO accurately predicts what the measured end result will be under the conditions specified in the configuration.

In versions of MSO prior to 1.1.0, creating these configurations was a painstaking manual process. Starting with version 1.1.0, MSO provides two wizards for making this process much easier and less error-prone: the Measurement Import Wizard and the Configuration Wizard. This tutorial takes full advantage of these two wizards, allowing you to get your project up and running as quickly as possible.

The Steps You'll Perform

In working through the tutorial, we'll perform the following steps: