Multi-Sub Optimizer Reference Manual (page 15)

Listing Filter Parameters in a Filter Report

When the optimization is complete, you can see a summary of the parameter values of all filters by choosing Config, then Show Filter Report from the main menu. This will list all parameter values for all filters in a text display.

Getting Optional Biquad Parameters

Support for biquad parameters in miniDSP-compatible text format can be enabled. From the main Menu, choose Tools, then Application Options. Click the Hardware folder in the property sheet's left pane. This will give you the option to include biquad information in the filter reports, and allow you to choose the sample rate and number of biquads per channel used by the device. Refresh or regenerate the filter report to show the coefficients. For more information, see Filter Reports and Biquad Information in the tutorial.

You can save all the biquads of a given channel as a text file using MSO, and import the text file into the miniDSP software as an REW file. To export the biquad text as a file, go to the Config View and navigate to the filter channel whose biquads you want to save as text. Select the Filters folder node of the channel. Right-click this node and choose Save Biquad Text for this Channel to save the channel's biquad text. Now you can import the entire channel's biquads into the miniDSP software to configure the whole channel at once. See the miniDSP documentation for how to do this.