Multi-Sub Optimizer Reference Manual (page 4)

Exporting Measurements From Your Measurement Software

Measurements should be exported in FRD format, as described at the FRD Consortium web page. This loosely-defined format consists first of optional comments, which begin with the "*" character in the first position of each row of text. The comment lines are followed by rows of data, each consisting of three columns of text separated by spaces or tabs. Each row of data contains frequency, SPL in dB, and phase in degrees in that order. It's helpful if your measurement software allows exporting user comments to the file. If possible, information regarding listening position and which main speaker or sub was measured should be included in each exported file. If you're unable to do that, try to name your exported files so this information can be obtained from the file name.

MSO does not require strict conformance to the format described at the FRD Consortium web page. The following guidelines apply.

REW's Measurement Export Dialog

To export a measurement in FRD format in REW, select a measurement and choose File, Export, Export measurement as text. In newer versions of REW, the following dialog box will appear.

REW's Measurement Export Dialog
REW Measurement Export Dialog

Before continuing, check the status of Use smoothing of measurement:. If it does not say None, you should dismiss this dialog and remove smoothing from all measurements using the procedure in the measurements section.

If the highest measurement frequency is 400 Hz or less, choose Use range of measurement. Otherwise, choose Use custom range, specifying a maximum frequency of 400 Hz. Next, choose Use resolution of measurement. Choose Use smoothing of measurement, which should now say None if you've performed the procedure to remove smoothing. Next, choose Use REW export number format. For the Choose export text delimiter option, choose Space. Then click OK and save the file using an FRD extension. Choosing the options specified above will ensure an FRD-compatible export file.