How to Get the Best Display of Equations When Reading this Site

This site uses MathML for displaying equations. In order to get compatibility with as many browser types as possible, MathJax is used. MathJax relies on JavaScript for equation rendering, and is much slower than using a browser having native MathML support. Even browsers with native MathML support such as Firefox do not use their native MathML capability by default when displaying MathJax content. With Firefox, you can get faster equation display by right-clicking on any equation and choosing Math Setttings, Math Renderer, MathML. A better solution for Firefox is to install the Native MathML add-on, which forces the use of Firefox's built-in MathML rendering for all sites using MathJax. If you use the Firefox native MathML support, you should also install the Firefox MathML Fonts extension to get the best display quality.